Looking for a Functional and Stylish Way to Heat Your Home?

A stove both offers style and function to one’s homestead. While stoves of yesteryears used to be the sole source of heat for people’s
houses, modern stoves add more in the way of design and appearance. However, stoves are designed to produce more heat than your
traditional fireplace. So, if looking to add that extra flair to your living space while keeping functionality in the picture, a stove is the
perfect choice for your home. Hearth & Patio offers both wood and gas stoves to meet your preference. Our design team can help you
pick out which type and style are best for your home. Also, our installation experts can help set up your new stove with little to no hassle.
If you’d like to see some of our selection of beautiful stoves, browse our online inventory.

Gas Stoves

Wood Stoves